Survival Skills

  • it can live in fresh or salty water.
  •  It can survive cold temperatures, which means it can spread to many water bodies throughout the southern 
  •  It is an air breather, which means that it can live in areas that are seasonally dry (it builds mud burrows) and can disperse over dry land. A swamp eel reportedly lived in a wet towel for seven months without food or water.
  •  Breeds year round and can lay 1,000 eggs
  •  It is a protogynous hermaphrodite (translation: it can change sex). All of the largest eels are males.
  •  The Asian swamp eel appears virtually unaffected to explosives and poisons, two techniques used to eradicate fish. Because they are air breathers, swamp eels aren't affected by ichthyocides (fish poisons that deny oxygen to the gills). Rotenone works to some degree, but it takes a disturbingly high dose to kill an adult,which would also kill other animals in the water
  •  Difficult to detect 
  • Swamp eels feed primarily at night 
  • Hide during the day in burrows, thick aquatic vegetation, rock crevices, or other hidey-holes.